About Us

8monks.com submits a selection of compelling news, videos, images, stories and human history episodes that we must make sure to not forget.

Stories come from a variety of categories and are selected based on their popularity and/or their importance.  Some are happy, funny or inspiring.  Some are sad, revolting and serves as a lesson in time.  Inspiring or amazing stories, sad or revolting life stories from human history.  Some stories just have to be spread and talked about.

Categories range from a wide spectrum of themes and interests.  From compelling life stories and human history events to more random news.  As long as it’s talked about and does generate interests and reactions on internet they may be selected:

  • human history events,
  • life stories,
  • compelling stories,
  • health, healthcare and medical related,
  • science related,
  • fail and funny videos

Photos and stories are found on internet and their source url will always be posted when directly available.  Should a link be broken, a source be missing or for any general feedback or ideas, please feel free to share your thought and contact us by email at 8monks.com@gmail.com.

Some stories have to be spread and talked about.